Our Story

ET Rivera created Tres Leches Cafe' in the fall of 2014 as a local (and hopefully soon, national) alternative to power houses Starbucks and Dutch Brothers-- with an obvious cultural twist, Tres Leches Café boasts an extensive specialty latte menu. 3LC prides itself on being the first Mexican Gourmet Coffee Shop in Arizona where ET shares his pride for his cultural upbringing and his family's Mexican heritage through each of his one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted recipes. Our owner started off on the porch of his house with a coffee cart and was there for 2 months. (pics below) He was soon able to move the cart into a friend's restaurant (Scott's Generation) and it was there the Phoenix New Times wrote an article branding the cafe as a "Mexican Starbucks of your dreams." After a year in the restaurant, he ventured out onto his very own location which we loving refer to as "The Casita" and was here for two years. We've now been in our current spacious location since the Fall of 2018. 

Tres Leches Cafe' connects with community in many different ways: recently we've hosted events for organizations like Mi Familia Vota regarding Climate Change and the Dream/Promise Act, Congressman Ruben Gallego's endorsement of Mark Kelly for U.S. Senate, local and national Latino Democratic leadership and organizers meetup. We have weekly vendor opportunities for Hispanic/Latinx/Chicanx independent/small businesses to showcase their goods/wares as another way to support our local business community. We make donations of our space in addition to Pan y Cafe' regularly to local 501c3 nonprofits and programs to also support the efforts of those working and contributing to our greater communities and downtown neighborhoods. We plan on expanding our giving efforts and programs and we expand and grow our business beyond our existing location and concept!

Tres Leches Cafe

1714 W Van Buren St, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Other locations coming soon! Call to place an order for pick up: (602) 368-1804 *Additional parking across the street on Van Buren (weekends only) Monday - Friday: 6am - 8pm Saturday - Sunday: 8am - 8pm